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Carbon and Aramid Reinforcement Fabrics

A range of tailored, non-crimp fabrics crafted from a variety of fiber types, including fiberglass, carbon and aramid for use in both traditional and emerging composites applications. Whether constructed of a single fiber type or a hybrid blend of fibers, each fabric is designed to address the specific mechanical and economic requirements of its intended use.


Varied fiber types and weights can be blended within an individual layer, and can also be combined with mats or veils. This significantly expands the range of properties that can be achieved with a more cost-effective composite solution.





  • Highest modulus and strength of all reinforcing fibers
  • Greatest stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • Typically used for high-performance applications



  • High tensile strength-to-weight ratio
  • High strength and modulus
  • Damage tolerance


Carbon and Aramid Reinforcement Fabrics Grades


Process Further Information
Hand lay-up Request TDS, MSDS, Specification
Continuous Laminations Request TDS, MSDS, Specification
Filament Winding Request TDS, MSDS, Specification
RTM/RIM Request TDS, MSDS, Specification
SMC Request TDS, MSDS, Specification
Vacuum Process Request TDS, MSDS, Specification