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ECR Multi-End Rovings

A muti-end continuous roving made from boron-free, E-glass glass fibers, gathered into a single strand and wrapped onto a twist-free cylindrical roving package. Compatible with thermosetting resins including polyesters and vinylesters and can be used in applications such as SMC, spray-up, filament winding, weaving, knitting, and pultrusion.


ECR glass fibre has the traditional electrical and mechanical properties of E-glass combined with superior chemical and thermal resistance, higher dielectric strength and improved resistivity.




  • positive end count with superior yield control
  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Improved resistivity
  • Higher dielectric strength
  • Higher thermal resistance
  • Increased tensile strength


ECR multi-end Roving Grades


Process Further Information
Continuous Panels Request TDS, MSDS, Specification
Filament Winding Request TDS, MSDS, Specification
Spray-up (gun roving) Request TDS, MSDS, Specification
SMC Request TDS, MSDS, Specification