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ECR Direct Rovings

ECR glass filaments manufactured by directly winding silane-sized continuous boron-free, E-glass glass fibres, with linear densities ranging from 600-4800 tex, onto a cylindrical roving package. Compatible with thermosetting resins including polyesters, epoxies, vinylesters and phenolics.


ECR glass fibre reinforcements can replace E-glass in most situations and offer a number of benefits in composites finding applications in chemical plant (corrosion resistance), high-voltage electrical stand-off insulators (surface resistivity) and pultrusion (tensile strength).




  • Superior corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Improved resistivity
  • Higher dielectric strength
  • Higher thermal resistance
  • Increased tensile strength


ECR Direct Roving Grades


Process Further Information
Filament Winding Request TDS, MSDS, Specification
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