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ECR Chopped Strand Mat

Boron-free, E-glass glass fibre strands that are bonded together with a polyester emulsion or powder binder into nonwoven structures available in weights ranging from 300-600gsm. ECR Chopped Strand Mat is suitable for processing with all types of unsaturated polyester resins used for continuous laminations and contact moulding (hand lay-up).


ECR glass fibre has the traditional electrical and mechanical properties of E-glass combined with superior chemical and thermal resistance, higher dielectric strength and improved resistivity.




  • Excellent resin impregnation
  • Minimises resin consumption
  • Very good wettability
  • Superior electrical and mechanical properties


Emulsion Mat Grades


Process Further Information
Continuous Panels Request TDS, MSDS, Specification
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Hand Laminations Request TDS, MSDS, Specification