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Resin Infusion Products for Vacuum Moulding

High-quality synthetic nonwovens for GRP composites produced using vacuum resin infusion and other materials for closed-mould processes. With the new legislation on the output of styrene and other toxic gasses, vacuum moulding is very likely to be the technology of the future.


Enka-Fusion, a very thin three-dimensional mat used as infusion mesh transport medium for the resin keeping glass fibre layers separated and providing an open channel for the resin to flow easily and quickly through moulded parts.


Enka-Channel, used as a feeder channel for the resin, replacing the need for tubes.


Enka-Spacer, which acts as a core and transport medium between the outer reinforcement layers.




  • Improved efficiency of vacuum moulding production
  • Tailor made to suit customer needs (thickness, polymer, colour & weight)
  • Proven consistent performance for repeatable quality manufacture
  • Products can be produced to match the adhesion characteristics of the resins used


Emulsion Mat Grades


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