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Our Products

Listed below are the products we currently supply in the UK. We have PDF documents available on request detailing properties, processing data and safety guidelines for each product. To obtain a technical data sheet, specification or MSDS please go to our Request Product Information page and fill in a few simple details and we will send you the information requested by email.


Reinforcing Fibres and Materials


Product Range

Assembled Glass Roving 1200-4800 tex                
Direct Glass Roving 300-9600 tex              
ECR Direct Rovings 600-4800 tex                  
ECR Multi-End Rovings              
Chopped Strands                          
Chopped Strand 3-50mm                    
Mats and Tissues                          
3D Resin Infusion Non-woven Mesh                        
ECR CSM 300-600gsm                
Emulsion CSM 225-600gsm                  
Powder CSM 100-600gsm                
Continuous Filament Mat (CFM)                  
Surfacing Tissue            
Woven Fabric            
Biaxial Fabric            
Triaxial Fabric            
Quadaxial Fabric            
Carbon/Aramid Fabrics            
Multi-layer SMC Barrier Film                        


Reinforcing fillers, additives and resins


Product Range

Fillers, Additives & Resins                     
Glass Marbles              
Milled Glass Fibre              
Spunbonded Tissue              


Specialising in the sale of materials for the composites industry we are authorised distributors for some of the worlds leading manufacturers of reinforcements.