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Paints and Surface Coatings

Paint is the general term for a family of products used to protect and add color to an object or surface by covering it with a pigmented coating.


There are three primary components to a paint: binder, diluent, and additives. However, only the binder is absolutely required. The binder is the part which eventually solidifies to form the dried paint film. The diluent serves to adjust the viscosity of the paint. It is volatile and does not become part of the paint film.


There are various additives that are added to improve some property, such as color opacity and matness, pigment dispersion, or stability. Pigments or dyes are among the most common additives. Fillers such as talc, calcium carbonate, barytes, clay, etc. are often added to reduce costs and increase the thickness and hardness of the film and adjust the coloring power and opacity.


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