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October 2006 — Composite Reinforcements launches alternative to OCF/Saint-Gobain continuous filament mat (CFM)


Composite Reinforcements is introducing a new range Continuous Filament Mats (CFM) for composite applications. 


The launch is likely to be welcomed by customers concerned about the planned merger of the 2 largest suppliers of CFM. Recently glass manufacturers Owens Corning and Saint-Gobain announced plans to combine their reinforcements businesses by early 2007 – a move that will restrict purchasing options for companies using CFM.


Composite Reinforcements’ range of CFM products offers an alternative to Owens Corning and Saint-Gobain materials in a variety of composite moulding applications including pultrusion, RTM, vacuum infusion and hand lay-up. 


The products can be used with unsaturated polyester, epoxy, phenolic and polyurethane resin systems and demonstrate excellent fibre distribution and resin wet-out.  Grades are also available for electrical battery separator applications.


New chopped strand mat/continuous filament(CSM/CFM) combination material


The company is also introducing a new chopped strand mat/continuous filament mat (CSM/CFM) combination material.  This unique material offers the performance of CFM with the ease of handling and conformability of CSM.  Suitable for the same moulding techniques as CFM, this composite mat has found immediate applications in hand lay-up offering customer’s improved moulding strength.


About Composite Reinforcements UK Ltd


Formed in 1999 Composite Reinforcements has grown to become a leading supplier of reinforcements to the UK composites industry from its distribution centres in Birmingham and Leeds. The company represents the global glassfibre company Johns Manville, the woven and multi-axial fabric company Dipex, as well the North American wollastonite company Nyco Minerals.


Offering the best customer service as well as competitively priced materials, Composite Reinforcements aim to support customers business by offering the best value for money option for their raw material purchases.

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