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August 2009 – New range of boron-free, E-glass fibre products from Abahsain Fiberglass (AFG)


Composite Reinforcements Ltd has announced it is introducing a new range of ECR glass fibre products from Abahsain Fiberglass (AFG), a joint venture between Saleh & Abdulaziz Abahsain Co Ltd, a leading Saudi group established in 1947, and Glass Strand Inc, a leading ECR technology provider from USA.


The products include continuous rovings, woven fabrics and chopped strand mat (emulsion and powder bound) all made from ECR glass fibre which has the traditional electrical and mechanical properties of E-glass combined with superior chemical and thermal resistance, and higher dielectric strength and improved resistivity.


Bob Barham, Director of Composite Reinforcements believes the addition of AFG's boron-free, E-glass fibre products to their portfolio will be welcomed by customers. “These are high performing products that have significant environmental benefits – reducing boron mining and eliminating emissions during the manufacturing process.”


AFG glass fibre reinforcements can replace E-glass in most situations and offer a number of benefits in composites finding applications in chemical plant (corrosion resistance), high-voltage electrical stand-off insulators (surface resistivity) and pultrusion (tensile strength).


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