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October 2009 – Composite Reinforcements introduce high-quality synthetic nonwovens for vacuum resin infusion


Greater environmental awareness and legislation has resulted in a drive to reduce styrene emissions. Responding to this, many composite manufacturers are changing their polyester resin-based processes from open-mould to closed-mould, using vacuum resin infusion and forming techniques.


As a well established supplier to the industry, Composite Reinforcements are pleased to be able to help support this development directly now they are an approved partner for Colbond BV, a leading producer and supplier of high-quality synthetic nonwovens for GRP composites produced using vacuum resin infusion.


Colbond supplies a wide range of materials for closed-mould processes including:

  • Enka-Fusion, a very thin three-dimensional mat used as infusion mesh underneath the vacuum bag or as a thin spacer between glass fibre reinforcement layers.
  • Enka-Channel, used as a feeder channel for the resin, replacing the need for tubes.
  • Enka-Spacer, which acts as a core and transport medium between the outer reinforcement layers.

All three products are often used in combination with each other in the production of complex composite products for flooring, automotive, construction and industrial applications.


Colbond is part of the Technical Textiles Division of Low & Bonar and has its head office in Emmen, Netherlands. The company also has a development laboratory in Asheville, USA. Low & Bonar employs approximately 2,000 people worldwide


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