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Nov 2011 - Ahlstrom to close its US glassfibre plant at the end of 2011


Ahlstrom has decided to close its Bishopville plant in the U.S. The plant, which manufactures glassfibre specialty reinforcements, has suffered from weakening demand in the wind energy business in North America. As a result, a total of 74 employees will be affected starting from January 2012.


In addition the company has reduced the number of employees at its Mikkeli plant in Finland by 7 from the beginning of December 2011. The production of glassfiber reinforcements at the site will continue as before.


The measures in Bishopville and Mikkeli are part of the profit improvement program announced by Ahlstrom on October 18, 2011. The program is expected to improve annual operating profit by approximately EUR 15 million starting from 2012 and may affect about 400 employees.


As part of the program, the company has to date announced profit improvement measures impacting a total of 305 employees in Karhula, Osnabrück, Turin, Bishopville and Mikkeli. The company has to date booked a non-recurring cost of approxmately EUR 32 million relating to the program.


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