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Our Markets

We supply some of the largest composites manufacturers in the UK - companies producing composites used in a wide variety of applications.


Composite materials have become widely used because of their high strength, corrosion resistance and low weight and find applications in transportation, marine, military, construction, electrical, and utilitity industries.


Our markets - composites used in transportation applications


Our glass fibre products are used in the manufacture of composites used in the production of parts for passenger vehicles, and light or heavy duty trucks. More...

Our markets - composites used in marine applications


Composite materials can be used in a variety of applications in the marine industry, including materials used in the construction, maintenance and repair of powerboats, yachts and other crafts. More...

Our markets - composites used in the productionof electrical parts


Composite applications for electrical and electronics markets including light poles, circuit boards, electrical junction boxes and ladder rails. More...

Our markets - composite used in the building and construction industries

Building and Construction

Composite applications in the construction market range from bath/shower units and translucent roof-lights to cladding panels, fascia materials and water tanks. More...

Our markets - we supply materials used to make composites for a wide range of wide range of other

Other Applications

Other specialist applications ranging from retail to military and the utility industries supplying gas, electricity and water. More...