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Composite materials have become widely used in automotive applications because of their high strength, corrosion resistance and low weight –


Composite materials are used in a number of applications within the transportation sector from body panels, radiators and ignition components on passenger vehicles, to the side panels on light- and heavy-duty trucks. The benefits of using composites include greater fuel efficiency, corrosion resistance, low weight and high strength. Composites also provide a cost effective way to develop innovative, contemporary designs.


Our glass fibre products are used in the manufacture of a variety of composites used in the assembly of passenger vehicles and light or heavy duty trucks in the UK including:

  • SMC body panels for car including Aston Martin
  • Headliner boards for Jaguar, Toyota and Land Rover
  • Continuous laminated panels for truck trailer’s for supermarkets
  • Continuous laminated panels for recreational vehicles such as caravans and motorhomes
  • Car muffler/exhaust for OEM manufacturers and after sales repairs/support